Dead Things You Should Know: The App Vine

Vine, a six second video app where people would post anything they wanted. People had comedy sketches, catching strangers doing odd stuff, and all other sorts of humor. UNTIL, the app was shut down January 17, 2017. The app was taken off the app store and is no longer able to be viewed. Vine got a huge backlash from shutting it down that they launched a "mock vine" app called "Hype". It will never be the same as the original which is the reason why no one really uses "Hype". "R.I.P Vine" compilations are what we are left with, luckily people have saved their favorite vines before it was deleted, all you can do to is go to YouTube and find one. 

Hey! My name is Katie Nagrowski. I am a student at Delaware Valley High School. I am a lover of the arts and all things to do with painting. 

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