Kid Killers: Mary Bell

Mary Bell, born May 26, 1957, was infamous in England for murdering two young boys, Martin Brown and Brian Howe (ages 4 and 3), and becoming the youngest murder in the country. 

As a young child Bell was subjected to a horrible life and sexual abuse. Her mother Betty was believed to have tried to kill her on numerous occasions with sleeping pills and "accidental" falls from windows. Mary was known at school for causing problems and seeking attention. 

In 1968 on the day before her 11th birthday, Mary lured 4-year-old Martin Brown to an abandoned home and strangled him. On his body she carved an M. Days later she and a friend broke into a nursery and left disturbing letters claiming responsibility for Martin's death but never stated their names.

On July 31, 1968 Mary committed her second act of murder. With her friend Norma Joyce, she lured 3-year-old Brian Howe into the woods and tortured him by cutting him and mutilating him. They eventually ended his suffering by strangling him. An M was also found carved into his chest with scissors. 

Police connected the Brown crime to the Howe and began questioning kids in the area, suspecting the killer was young as little force was used. When Norma and Mary gave inconsistent answers they were brought into custody and then to trial. Norma was acquitted but Mary was found guilty of manslaughter and deemed "a danger to all children" and "a classic case of psychopathy."  At the time she was the youngest child killer recorded in England.  After spending time in a young offenders institution and then Moor Court Prison, Mary was released from custody at age 23. She was granted anonymity which was passed to the daughter she had four years after being released from prison. 

Now 60, Mary Bell has fell of the radar. It was reported that in 2009 she became a grandmother but not much else is known of what happened to this kid killer. 

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