Album Review: Taylor Swift's "Reputation"

Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated sixth album Reputation was released in November after fans waited three years for a follow-up album to her first pop record, 1989.

I have been a fan of Swift’s music since middle school, and was disappointed when she initially announced back in 2014 that she would be switching genres from soft country to pop music.

However, Swift surprised me back then, and was able to once again with Reputation.

In this album, Swift was able to put the same amount of emotion into more upbeat pop music as she put into her first four albums that featured softer music.

In the song “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” Swift’s feud with rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian-West is the clear inspiration for the song.

The songs referenced the July 2016 feud when Swift claimed that West did not tell her she would be referred to as “that b****” in his song “Famous.”

Despite the drama surrounding its release, the album featured catchy songs with meaningful lyrics that reminded me of the ones on her earlier albums.

“New Year’s Day” is my favorite because it is a perfect combination of pop and soft music, and captures perfectly what it is like to stay with someone through both good and bad experiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed Swift’s new album, not only because I am a fan, but also due to the upbeat, catchy nature of her songs and the meanings behind them. 

I'm a senior at Delaware Valley High School! 

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