Woman (Personal Essay)

A little more than a year ago, French duo Justice released their third album titled Woman. Also a little more than a year ago, I was mentally preparing for the most difficult year in high school. Why would I mention this, you may ask. It’s because Woman became the soundtrack, and sometimes saving grace, of my junior year.

Before I go on about my year, a little background information about the aforementioned duo. Forming in 2003 and debuting in 2007, DJs  Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay crusaded the new era of electronic music with their heavy usage of drum and bass. Their debut album (pronounced Cross) was critically acclaimed by fans and clubbers new and old. Although their sophomore album Audio, Video, Disco did not exceed the expectations of their almost fanatic following, their most recent album did. Incorporating elements of previous albums, Woman delivers as a love letter - to women, to love, and to life.

Around the time that Woman was released, I was taking the most difficult classes of my junior year, including Physics, Algebra II Honors, and Advanced Placement US History (my first AP). I thought I was prepared for the arduous task of taking - and passing - said courses. I was prepared physically, but definitely not mentally. At times I felt depressed and anxious, wondering if it was even worth it. On top of my academics, I was more involved in extracurricular activities than ever, joining the liturgy choir and the school musical. This put an even bigger strain on me, because now I had no time to relax. Often I was  on the verge of burning out.

Then Woman dropped. No album has ever moved me as much as this one. We all know about Beyoncé and Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. However, sometimes you need something a little more subtle, something that, without words, will deliver what you need to hear. With few words, the ten songs within that album have comforted me, lifted me, and inspired me to not give up, to just hold on if only for one more day. I remember walking around Columbus Circle at night listening to “Safe and Sound;” that day I was walking to the subway after watching a movie. I never felt more at peace with the world and with myself before that moment.

I could go on about how Woman and Justice have inspired me, but then I would be talking for hours. I could summarize their impact on my life with just one conclusion, but I feel that it would not do them justice (No pun intended). Basically, Justice has been a part of my life since middle school, and their music is the soundtrack to my life, with all its ups and downs. Woman, especially, has had a huge impact on how I survived - and thrived - during what is probably the toughest year of my high school life. I only hope that I do not lose my faith in them and carry on this soundtrack through the rest of my life.

Shiftless student. Spirited daydreamer. Pessimistic optimist. Practical romantic. Above all, positive.

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