That Time I Missed My Train Stop

This is a story about how I missed my train stop when I was trying to see my sister in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I was so excited to go in see my sister that weekend. We had already made plans of what we were going to do when I would get down there. My sister wouldn’t be able to pick me up this time because she said it was out of the way and she was babysitting, Mia,  a five-year-old girl. So, she told me to either get a ride from my one of our parents or take the train. I decided to take it upon myself to ask my parents for a ride, but they were both working and sadly couldn’t do the fifty- minute trip. My last option was to take the train by myself. I was so nervous because I hardly took the train as it is, and then on top of that I would have to go by myself. I was begging my sister to pick me up, but she said there was no way of her doing that.

Friday after school, I went home and started packing for my trip. I double-checked to make sure I had everything. My sister sent me the tickets through Gmail. I had my suitcase and bags all ready to go. My dad was dropping me off at the Bristol train station. My sister sent me the times I was supposed to get on the train. It was the Amtrak and the Septa. I was supposed to ride the Septa to 30th street in Philadelphia, then from there take take the Amtrak to Exton station.

So, I was just waiting in the car for my train to come. It was supposed to come at 4:45 but it came 10 minutes early. My dad and I ran up the stairs with my suitcase and my belongings. We then rushed up to the platform to hand the conductor my train ticket. My dad was confused why it came so early, but I hopped on the train and sat down in the seat. I was a bit nervous because of the train accident that happened a couple years back. I just put my earbuds in and started to listen to my music. The train started to move and it was pretty relaxing. My mom and my sister began calling me to check on me to see if I was okay. I had to end the call because at the time you were not allowed to make phone calls on the train supposedly. I was so afraid of missing my stop.Every five minutes I was asking someone if we had made it to 30th Street.

We finally stopped at 30th Street, and I was so confused on what to do next. I just stopped and asked one of the people behind the desk to see which train I get on. The man said the train is about to leave soon. He said it was down those stairs to the right. I ran down the stairs and got on the train. I had made it on. Thank God. The lady had directed me to a seat in the back. There were so many people on this train. She told me how to get off the train and that I would have to get up and come down farther to the front of the train because the doors don’t open in the back. I sat down next to this nice older woman. We were talking, about where we are going and everything else. She was from Pittsburgh and was going to a stop near West Chester. We were just talking, just having a nice chat about everything. I was helping her with her games on her iPad as she was playing “What’s the Difference?” She was telling me about her ex-husbands and her children, and how her daughter gave her a ticket to go on a cruise. She told me she had so much fun on the cruise, but she got a little sea sick. Time went by and we were just laughing and talking. Then the conductor came by and scanned my ticket, and after that we shared some more talk and stories. Then, I heard an announcement that this was the Exton train stop. I said by goodbyes and I told the nice older woman to have a great trip.  I grabbed my suitcase from the cubby that was above me. I then proceeded to walk up like the conductor said to do but people were walking so slow. I’m rushing to get off this train but then it started to move. I was so devastated and upset that I actually missed my stop. I was about to start crying.

I told the conductor what happened and she told me to come up the aisle when the train stopped. I told her that I did but people were walking slow and I couldn’t get off. She told me that It was best if I got off at the next stop which was 10 minutes away from my original stop. I called my sister and told her what happened. She was mad at me. She said, “How do you miss your stop?”, and I told her. She was going to have to drive out of the way to come pick me up now.

So the train had stopped at the next train stop. I  got off with others I was talking to. I was talking to other people on the train about what happened. They had all told me I hope I get home alright.

So, I waited outside and I was talking to my sister on the phone and trying to explain to her once again about what happened. This woman overheard what happened and asked me if I wanted to wait with her in her car until someone comes to pick me up. So, I said yes and thanked her for letting me stay in the car with her. It was so cold out.  I was so thankful. We sat in the nice heated car and just started talking about things. She asked me my name and I asked her. Then I told her what happened and she said it happens, and she said she felt bad for other people who don’t know to walk up the aisle. She began talking about her sisters and brothers and asked me if I had any. I had told her I had two sisters and one brother. I told her that my sister was a little upset with me that I missed the train stop and she told me it happens all the time.

We were waiting for my sister for about 15 minutes now. My dad had called my phone and asked if I was okay. I told him I was fine and explained what happened and that a nice woman had taken me in and had let me stay in her car until D’nae comes. He then wanted to speak to the woman and they began talking. He thanked her for letting me stay with her and ended the call. My sister then called me, saying she was five minutes away. So, the woman drove to the front of the train station and waited. My sister then pulled to the driving parking lot. I thanked the woman again for her act of kindness. She said it wasn’t a problem and that she had enjoyed my company. I told her to have a goodnight and she told me to the same as well. D’nae and I then went home.

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