How to Make Relationships Last in College. (Janelle's Theory)

          Relationships are fun and easy in high school. Then, senior year arrives and it's time to buckle down and look for schools. Your significant other may not want the same thing as you do when it comes to college… and that is definitely okay! You may want to study psychology and they may want to study accounting. You may want a small school and they may want a big school. One person may want to go farther away than the other. But, don't worry! There is hope.

            When it comes to long distance relationships, couples tend to freak out. It's definitely a big change. It will  not be as easy to see each other or even make time for each other. However, I have some tips. The first tip is: Talk about it. Don't try and brush it under the rug and wait until moving day. Talking about the distance brings comfort to the situation when it shows both of you want the same thing…which is staying together. The second tip: Try and make time for each other. Whenever you decide to stay in from parties, or you are in-between classes, or right before bed, give your significant other a call. It shows that you're still there for each other.  The third tip: Stay Positive. Try to remember that you guys can see each other on breaks or even visit each other's schools. You have to have faith in the relationship.

            Don't let relationships come in-between of what you want. Don't go somewhere because your partner is going there. Go somewhere that works best for YOU. Relationships are built on trust, and if you feel like you cannot trust your partner… then maybe they are not the one for you. However, remember it can work! Don't get scared about distance. Let the distance allow you both to grow together and individually. Also, it will make seeing each other way more valuable! Long distance relationships are possible, just gotta’ keep the faith! In just 4 years, you will go right back to being with each other every second of the day!


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