AMSU's Ring Day Mass!

     On October 26th, the Academy of Mount St. Ursula is celebrated their annual Ring Day Mass. Ring Day Mass is celebrated the day before Ring Day, one of the most important traditions at AMSU. It is very important to incorporate God in our community and live up to our mission statement. During the mass, the priest blesses the rings and the senior class. The rings symbolizes unity, hard work, accomplishments, and the trials that led up to their senior year. Along with the blessings, the Academy of Mount St. Ursula participates in singing songs, and listening to the homily given by the priest.    

       At the beginning of the mass, the priest, Father Tierney, was welcomed with singing by AMSU's Liturgy Club. Father Tierney is known for his comedic personality and generosity to everyone. Arianna Perez, an AMSU senior, received her ring during the mass instead of Ring Day because of her mother's wedding. The rest of the seniors were even more excited and amused to see a glimpse of how their rings would look. Underclassmen looked at Arianna with much joy and excitement for their future senior events in the coming years. 

Stay tuned for Ring Day!

Proud AMSU student!

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