The Trends of Today

The trends of today are certainly interesting, whether it’s clothes or technology. There are many different things going on in 2017, and frankly, it’s just impossible to be a part of all of them. There are so many styles from just the throwback early 90’s-00’s look, to the hypebeast who has to have all of the new trendy things.

The hypebeast is, in my opinion, the most obnoxious. I just never have had the need to spend my money on pointless things such as a $300 sweater. Mainly what the hypebeast is, is someone who goes out of their way to buy the newest and most talked about things. This includes Supreme, new Air Jordan’s and anything else that is new. It just makes them look over the top and gaudy. It seems like they try so hard to just be a part of the newest thing to make them look cool.

One of the other biggest trends is throwback clothes, from bringing back parachute pants to the bomber jackets with the classic materials and font on them. They are even now putting old cartoons on shirts, or even old musicians and artists. One of the biggest influences in the throwback clothing world is Lil Yachty, a well-renowned hip hop artist. He has even started his own clothing line with Nautica. He brings this style back just by wearing intriguing outfits that you could find at your local thrift store, unlike the hypebeast. This trend is one of my favorites out right now.

There are many ways to stay on top of trends today. Some of them could be costly or some of them could cost less than what you would spend at the grocery store. You could try to be the hypebeast with the new Supreme or Louis Vuitton, or you could kickback and remember the old days with the throwback style that many of today's youth use. Either way you should find it relatively easy to stay trendy.

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