Kalahari resort hosts DVHS prom and potentially more

This year’s senior prom will again be held on May 11 at the Kalahari resort. Tickets will cost $40 per person, but Kalahari is offering an added bonus event that DV could potentially be a part of.

Administration has been working avidly with the Kalahari resort management in order to set up a possible event after the prom. The resort is offering students the use of their waterpark, arcade and cabana area to prom attendees. These activities will continue into the morning after prom.

Kalahari has multiple activities such as an arcade with an escape room and 200,000 square foot water park.  Although Kalahari will not be allowing students to rent rooms, cabanas may be available for students to use.

High school principal Dr. Brian Blaum believes that the opportunity would be a great way to honor the seniors and get the class together to have a fun and safe time.

The price of the tickets for the extra event is still being negotiated, but the higher the student interest, the less tickets could potentially cost.

This opportunity will only be available if the senior class shows interest. A minimum of 150 students need to be interested in the event in order for administration to make a soft commitment to Kalahari by early December.

Administration is still attempting to organize transportation to and from Kalahari, in order to keep students safe.

Dr. Blaum emphasized that safety is one of his priorities, multiple teachers and staff members from DV and Kalahari will be attending the prom and the potential event afterwards. He is also planning to keep the senior class informed with class meetings and announcements.  The first class meeting was yesterday when he announced the possible extra activities after prom at Kalahari.

It is also important that students who have an interest in the event for the activities after prom keep their commitment.

 Due to a violation in the kitchen of the Best Western last year, the prom was moved to the Kalahari resort in a matter of three days.

“Everybody at the Best Western left on good terms with each other, they honored us and reimbursed us for the prom last year, and it’s an unfortunate thing that happened,” said Dr. Blaum. 

Administration is excited to be working with the Kalahari resort and believes that the senior class deserves to have a memorable, fun and safe night.

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