Retro Renaissance: Mom Jeans

The baggy jeans of the 1980's have been given the pathetic reputation of "mom jeans"  in today's couture. But could these notoriously geeky pants be making a serious comeback? With vintage style having such a strong influence on today's modern fashion, even mom jeans have the potential of becoming mainstream. These oversized pants can actually look very flattering when paired with fitted shirts of almost any design, with some favorites being floral, lace, and plaid. Pumps and sneakers along with hooped earrings and layered necklaces can also add an extra boost to the overall outfit. When looking for a pair, some popular brands were Jordache, Levi, and Calvin Klein which can easily be found at second hand shops or online. 

So if you're looking to be ahead of the trend, go check out a local thrift store or even your mom's closet for a pair of these totally tubular jeans. And, if you really want the full 80's effect, don't forgot to perm your hair like crazy when rocking this new radical, retro look.

Hi there! I'm a junior who loves art, writing, history, and just about anything that's out of the ordinary.

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