Boys in Ballet are not necessarily gay!!

Real men lift girls, not weights!

What is the big deal with boys doing ballet?

What is wrong with strong, built, pretty guys coming face-to-face, hip-to-hip, with girls as their job? Sounds intriguing to the average guy!

But how come when I say that the job is a professional dancer, all the boys run away in fear. Out of embarrassment, shame, or fear of being picked on?

Okay, I understand guys wearing tights is not necessarily a pleasing sight. Let us be frank, that is not how it is all the time.

The stereotype that “Guys that do ballet are gay”, is so old-fashioned thinking. It is 2017!

Picture this, a guy, sitting in a room with twenty-something girls; doing lifts and turns (that means touching them) for hours on end. What is so gay about that?!

In ballet companies in America, out of all the men, almost all are straight.

As New York Jets player, Steve McLendon, states, “Ballet is ‘harder than anything else I do.’”

Professional football players have spoken out, saying ballet helped them learn the coordination they need to be successful in their sport. The process of learning intricate, technical combinations helps the players become more “light on their feet”.

But why not just do it for fun?

The stigma of being a boy ballet dancer is a tough one. Being called “feminine” and “girly” is a hard blow to a guy’s self-esteem. However, isn’t it about time we broke these walls and started to expand our interests?

Girls playing football is becoming a little bit more common than it was ten years ago. They always speak out about girl power and how they never let the guys tear them down. So, why are we allowing guys to tear other guys down?

I say, let the boys do ballet. Let them become more limber, more intricate, smarter, and more creative! Dance is an art, why can’t everyone be allowed to take a piece of the spotlight!

Check out this video below! This guy is the most masculine thing I have ever seen!!

Sergei Polunin, "Take Me to Church" by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle

A former Delaware Valley student, Drake , has been in ballet since he was 8 years old.  These are just a few of the ballets he's performed throughout his high school career. 

Hello hello!! My name is Chrissy! I am a senior here at DV. I love drama and dancing. I am a part of HOSA and have a dog named Benji!

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