Fidget Spinners

        Fidget spinners are the season’s trendiest toy. They are small handheld devices that is to be rotated between the user’s fingers or even on a table. The invention was patented in 1997 by Catherine A. Hettinger in the U.S. She created them for kids as a distraction and a soother. However, her patent was surrendered in 2005, but earlier this year, many companies couldn’t wait to sell their own version. The toy became an antidote for people who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), anxiety and autism. Catherine Hettinger originally created the fidget spinner to create peace for young kids especially boys so they can be distracted and “release their pent-up energy”. “These devices promote greater concentration for people with those conditions, plus an opportunity to bring out the creative genius lying deep within you,” according to Live Science. The New York Post detailed, "so-called fidget spinners, low-tech, low-price stress relieving toys, are a huge fad sweeping the country, and stores can't keep them in stock.”

        Not only are these toys sweeping the country, but they’re also causing trouble in classrooms. Children, students, and adults alike are buying these toys to keep them focused or to release nervous energy, or even just to say they own one. Many schools in the US have banned this must have gadget because teachers are complaining that these toys are too much of a distraction. Teachers claim that toy is doing just opposite of what they claim to do. The child may continuously spin the toy, totally ignoring the teacher or their classwork. Similarly, research has been done that movement can help children with ADHD to focus. Many disagree that such toy can benefit kids who fidget and rather just stick to original school-friendly options. It may be easy to keep them out of school, but not out of your hands for they can be bought almost anywhere.  They can be bought at Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, Amazon, 7-Eleven, Target, CVS, Five Below, eBay, and even at local delis. Fidget spinners are being sold for $5, some stores sell them for more depending on the material and design, while other stores have them for less. If you have any spare change in your pocket, buy one and try it out. Don’t miss out on the trend.

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