Dorm Room Essentials!

Dear Seniors,

Our high school days are coming to a close and we are preparing to begin the next phase of our lives. College. It’s a pretty scary thing to think about. A lot of us will stay at home and commute to school, but most of you will be staying on campus. Some will be confused as to what they should buy before you move in. If you are, I have a list of essentials you may need when you move in. However, this list may be adjusted according to your needs.

First things first, you will need your bedding! I guarantee you will have a bed when you dorm, and you need to be able to cover it. I recommend buying two sets of bedding so that you may be able to wash them and still have a clean set of sheets while you do. Secondly, you will need your toiletries. These include a shower caddy, shower shoes, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, and whatever else you may use. In addition to those products you also want to take towels. The most important items you will be taking are your clothes. However, you may not have as much closet room as you do now, so you should take the clothes you will need in between all of your laundry days.  Other items include your television, mini refrigerator (if that’s what you desire), hangers, laptop, laundry soap, and whatever else might help you feel at home. Just make sure to read about what your school allows and does not allow you to keep in your room. Good luck!


Why hello there! I'm currently a senior in high school, and I'm hoping to attend Mercy College or NYU next fall. I plan on majoring in psychology. My favorite subjects are Anatomy/Physiology and English. My favorite colors are Tiffany blue, black, and gold (and glitter!). I am an avid Harry Potter lover, as well as a lover of Tim Burton! 

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