Student athletes skied their way to the top.

Student athletes skied their way to greatness at the 40th annual Pa Winter Special Olympics. Students traveled on Jan. 29 to Johnstown, Pa to stay at Seven Springs Resort.

Athletes who competed were sophomore Dominique Dunn, junior Katie Leon, sophomore Victoria Featherman, junior Michael Deming, senior Nick Cotter, sophomore Jonah Fuchs and sophomore Nico Forlenza.   

During the first night of the trip, they attended the opening ceremony, which included a fireworks show, singing performances and police officers riding down the slope with lights.

“My skiing has improved since last year's trip and I am excited to see more improvements next year. The resort was beautiful and I had a wonderful time with my friends. I was sad to see the season come to an end and I am looking toward next year,” said student athlete junior Katie Leon.    

The student athletes competed in three events which were, the giant slalom, super G and slalom. The giant slalom is a mix of the two other events, the super G is wide and fast turns, and the slalom is tight and controlled turns. Students had been previously training for the events at Big Bear on the Friday ski trips over the past month.

On the third day of the trip, the awards ceremony took place. Athletes were given their medals by the local police officers. The DV group had a total of 18 medals; seven gold, five silver and six bronze.

“ The trip was fantastic. It was a great time with all my friends. Skiing conditions were perfect and I accomplished many goals while on the trip,” said sophomore student athlete Dominique Dunn.

On Feb. 27 at Big Bear the local Special Olympics competition took place. Student athletes from the High School and Middle School participated.Athletes participated in the giant slalom, which has wide turns. The local competition concluded the skiing season for the student athletes.        

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