Driving Class is beneficial to new drivers

Learning how to drive is a nerve-wracking experience, but with the behind-the-wheel driving course offered at DV, students will be ready for their drivers’ licenses in no time.

Mr. Sean Giblin, Mr. Jim Donnelly or Mr. Dan Quinlan sit in the passenger seat of the drivers’ ed car and teach the student driver how to parallel park, drive on the highway and how to control one’s car in emergency situations. Students can easily sign up by talking to Mr. Giblin; however, you must at least have your permit to take this course.

Each session is during a class period and rotates daily, as do the instructors in each student drivers’ schedule. After completing the eight day course, the student driver is rewarded with an insurance card, allowing a discount on car insurance.

“The program is important for both licensed drivers and drivers with a permit. It teaches students to be defensive and not aggressive drivers. There are so many distractions for new drivers and the course really helps them make better decisions,” Mr. Donnelly.

Many students have taken the course and have seen improvements in their driving.

“It [the course] was really helpful because it taught me how to control my car in emergencies. I had my license when I took the course, and it improved my driving and helped me a lot,” said junior Chris Vibert.

Because one of the requirements for the Pennsylvania license test is to parallel park, the course is beneficial to anyone hoping to pass their driver's test on their first try.

“Mr. Quinlan drove with me the day of my test and practiced parallel parking over and over again until I got it. I definitely recommend this course because it helped me pass my drivers’ test and I love that I can drive now,” said junior Kaiya Destefano. 

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