Surviving Senioritis 101: Finish Senior Year Out Strong

Senior year, as we all know, is at first a stressful time. But, at one point during the year, usually after midterms, a disease called senioritis attacks. Senioritis, or a lack of motivation resulting in a decline performance, affects high school seniors throughout the country. However, as Ursulines, we must finish the year out strong!

Colleges might have sent out their acceptances, and deposits might have been made, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off. Scholarships and acceptances can be taken back if we let senioritis affect us. Final grades are just as important as first quarter grades. Here are some tips to help survive the last six weeks of senior year.

  • 1. Make sure you do your homework!
  • It might be more fun to watch makeup tutorials, but school is school.
  • 2. Use your agenda book!
  • During this time, the pages tend to look dull in our planners but staying organized helps keep us on track.
  • Not studying is the easiest and quickest way to drop your average.
  • 4. Do NOT procrastinate!
  • Most classes are giving out their end of the year papers and projects. These add up and can hurt your grade so take the time out to do a good job. Don’t leave it all for the last minute.
  • 5. Attendance is still MANDATORY
  • Senior ditching sounds fun but the repercussions definitely don’t.

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