Where to next: Belize

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          Belize is a small Caribbean country that borders Mexico. It is known for its beautiful islands and aquatic life. The island is so small that you would be able to experience all different types of its culture and landscapes in just one day. There are jungles and beaches, caves and Reefs. The diversity of Belize is astounding for such a small country. The official language is English while the unofficial language spoken is Belizean Kriol.

          While in Belize there are places that one MUST see, but we can’t always see them all.

          A limit on a budget while traveling should never influence a person to halt their journey. A beautiful must-see in Belize is the Caye Caulker. The vibrant turquoise water and Colorful houses are bound to make and traveler wish they can stay forever. Caye Caulker is a very small island, but don’t let that fool you. You can do things from Cave tubing to temple exploring; Meeting local manatees to zip lining; exploring the zoo to just spending a day on the beach in the sun.  

     Aspiring Artist With A Passion For Photography And Traveling The World.

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