Taking care of your skin

Many of us enjoy wearing makeup for a special event or even for our daily lives. Sometimes we put on makeup and if it does not look good, we blame the product alone. The reality is that in order for your makeup to look good the first step is to treat your skin. Treating your skin must not only be done externally but also internally. There are many ways to treat your skin internally by drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy. When our body is dehydrated it has a big effect on our skin causing it to have dry patches, itchy skin, wrinkles and become more sensitive. Another way to treat your skin is to eat healthy by incorporating food with antioxidants and consuming less sugar. 

The first step in treating your skin is to learn about the type of skin you have whether its normal, dry or oily. Depending on your skin type it is important to choose the right face wash that will treat your skin problems. Another important step is to moisturize and apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Since many of us enjoy wearing makeup the most important part is to remove all the makeup. If the makeup is not removed our pores become clogged and this lead to skin issues. Since we love having flawless makeup it is important to note that first step for this is taking care of your skin. Today's technology allows us to research about our skin and learn the proper ways to maintain a healthy skin.

I enjoy  spending time with my family, watching sports, and listening to music. My favorite singers include Sam Smith,and Adele, but I also enjoy listening to many other singers.

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