Studying Abroud: Why it's a must!

    It is said that “education is key”, and truth be told, it is. Education is a tool of success and it renders so many benefits in various ways. Due to the current advanced features  and advantageous conditions of our time, we are able to obtain education in the best ways possible and also acquire intellect, knowledge, and insight . There are factors and components that contribute to the opportune dimensions of education. Studying abroad is one of them.  Studying abroad involves a student's pursuit of educational opportunities in another country other than their own. Studying abroad is crucially beneficial because you are able to obtain great education, a long-lasting life experience and achieve a an intercultural development and a personal one as well. It is definitely something to consider.

     One of the greatest aspects of studying abroad is the excellent education that one is able to obtain. When you study abroad, you will be exposed to different learning styles and will not be limited to that of your host university and country. Additionally, you will have the chance to study a foreign language and improve your language skills. This is not just an opportunity that will hand you the key to success but it will also open doors to career opportunities or career attainment and graduate school admissions. Employers look for candidates that possess the qualities and traits that people who study abroad acquire from their studies abroad.  This includes open-mindedness, the respect for other cultures and a global experience. It is even proven by studies and research that people who study abroad find better employers and have high salaries. Speaking of experience, a wonderful life experience is another pro of studying abroad.

    There is a remarkable experience that you gain out of abroad studies. You are able to meet and interact with new people, discover new foods, learn about other customs and traditions, and also cope with a new way of life. To expand on that note, you get so much more from the new forms of entertainment and recreation that you will be introduced to and engaged in. The experience of exposure to a fascinating unique cultural perspective alone is exceptional. Another exceptional benefit of studying abroad is personal development.

    Studying abroad offers you the chance to discover yourself while trying to understand a different culture. In the midst  of that, one is also able to build self-confidence, develop tolerance for ambiguity, and  also have a change of of their world view. An important nature of character is also driven out of you as your ability to adapt to diverse situations and a new environment is tested when you are situated in the conditions of studying abroad. Furthermore, you gain other valuable qualities that sum up and amount to the disposition of an intellectual, experienced, and well-rounded individual.

   As exemplified in the previous statements, studying abroad is indeed a vital and opportune advantage.  Besides the great and diverse education that you receive, you also able to improve and build yourself personally and have the feel of a what a wonderful time can really be. I believe that the greatness of the opportunities that studying abroad offers, is like no other. Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, but studying abroad is an opportunity that one should not miss.

I am a very passionate young  lady and junior who strives to exhibit the qualities of diligence, industriousness, and excellence at all times. I am very creative, crafty and open-minded as well. I am a poet, singer and artist who likes to draw, design, decorate, write poems and stories and sing as well. My other hobbies include watching movies, dancing and listening to music.   

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