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For most people, the dream destination is a sunny, sandy beach or the City of Love. However, these destinations miss out on the beauty that the world holds deep within the canyons.

Six million years ago, one river starting from the west and another from the east met and carved a mile-deep canyon, forming the Grand Canyon.  It is 227 miles long, more than a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide. Although this location may require an airplane ticket, traveling here is an amazing experience.

The Grand Canyon consists of several smaller canyons. One of the canyons is called the Bryce Canyon, which contains the largest collection of odd-shaped pillars of rock that are left from the erosion. The pillars of rocks are a sandy orange color, with patches of green trees spread throughout the canyon. The Inspiration Point is located at the top of the canyon, allowing tourists  to see the entire section of the canyon that they are visiting, filling their eyes with more beauty than they can take in.

Along with the Bryce Canyon, the Zion National Park is a beautiful location in Arizona. The park is filled with numerous hiking trails that take you up and across the mountains. It also contains pools of water, filled with rocks and stones that tourists are allowed to walk through, leading them in between the humongous, historic mountains.

Taking a banana boat ride down the Colorado river is another activity for tourists when visiting the canyons. The tour leaders take their groups down the river, informing them of the history of the river and mountains surrounding it, providing the riders with a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. One historic site that we saw was the Native American drawings on the sides of the mountains that faced the river.

The Grand Canyon is a life changing experience. It allowed a group of kids from Milford, Pa. to experience the world on a completely different level. This trip, along with Mr. Larry Marcial, helped slightly conquer my fear of heights, which for me, was a once in a lifetime experience.

I'm a staff writer on the 2016 Delaware Valley Newspaper Staff.  

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