Respect the Waffle

Breakfast. Described as the most important meal of the day and commonly associated with delicious, crispy waffles. There is a large debate over which breakfast food is better: pancakes of waffles. When I think of waffles, I think of a golden, crispy, perfectly textured breakfast cake, not a soggy, flavorless, and unappetizing slab of baked batter like a pancake. I do not hate pancakes, I just want to explain why waffles are far superior to their counterparts.

  1. Those little squares in the crispy waffles hold the perfect amount of syrup and saturate the breakfast pastry so nicely, making it not too soggy and not too dry. Just right.

  2. You can eat waffles with strawberries and feel healthy for some reason. You can do this with pancakes too, if you love a mouth full of bread and the inability to speak or breath. The little squares (mentioned earlier) give you enough space to breath and are so delish with fruit or chocolate.

  3. The smell of waffles is one of the few reasons why getting up in the morning if bearable. No one says “Oooh it smells like pancakes in here!” No. They may be made of the same batter, but the distinct shape, smell and texture are all valid reasons for why this delicious breakfast delicacy should be given the recognition the breakfast treat deserves.

  4. Waffles are not exclusively a breakfast food either! Belgien, or low-fat, homemade or Eggo, this desirable treat has the power to put a smile on anyone’s face and warm their heart, no matter the time of day.

I feel that waffles need to be recognized for the joy they cause and the stomachs they fill. In a busy world where thousands of people skip breakfast (a terrible idea) I choose waffles to start my day and feel ready for school.

I'm 16, a Junior at Delaware Valley, and a  staff writer for the Del.Aware Newspaper 

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