The Brighter Side of Africa

     Africa is a beautiful continent. It is a resplendent place that has been known for its richness in culture and origination for civilization. However, Africa is becoming more populous for apparent issues such as poverty and sanitation and economic conflicts that mar the vibrant complexion of Africa's goodness. These elements have served as disadvantages and contributing factors to the misleading perspective that circulates Africa. In regards to this perspective, the widely accepted phantasm that exists, exhibits a negative overview for Africa. This perception fails to parallel the goodness of Africa and brings to surface, the existing negatives instead. Although, Africa is not a utopia, its greatness outweighs its imperfections.There is absolutely more to know about Africa than the usual hopeless-looking "poor-country" depiction portrayed by the media and society.

       The current overall societal perception that circulates Africa is not a good one. As briefly mentioned before, the continent of Africa is generally known as a place of war, poverty and famine. The unfortunate truth of the matter is due to the fact that we fail to recognize the genuine qualities of Africa and the greatness that it holds in its cultural diversity and uniqueness. There are so many things about Africa that add on to its evident uniqueness. Besides its wide diversity of cultures, other things like its competence in the arts, the genuine hospitality of the people and its exquisite land are constituents of Africa's uniqueness as well. Today, these things are most often overlooked and put aside to undermine Africa's true reality.

      One of the reasons why Africa is not really recognized and noticed for its true beauty is because the world tends to highlight and emphasize the predicaments and issues of crisis that are hindering Africa's prosperity and overshadowing its shine. Africa is most likely portrayed as an impoverished entity with many political issues. It is sad how at times it is even not recognized as a continent but rather as a mere "country" by some who are indifferent to Africa's size and greatness.Yes, some countries in Africa are suffering from issues like poverty and hunger however its goodness remains and many do not acknowledge that.

       If one were to glance at the "brighter side" of Africa, they wouldn't only view its natural possession of a distinguished and diversified culture of vibrancy in the wild but they would see the light that is exerted from the collective blessings of natural resources and the impact that it is has made on the world. Africa, the world's second largest continent, only carries about 15% of the world's population but the influence that is has had on the world is immeasurable. Africa is one of the world's greatest suppliers of oil and other natural resources. But despite its bountiful supply of natural sources as such, Africa is also influential in modern trends. From Bantu knots, to head wraps and beaded jewelry, Africa's trends have impacted the world. One major trend in clothing originating from Africa is the Dashiki.The Dashiki has not only crossed the borders of Africa but it has also made its way to great continents like Europe and North America and has attracted many. Africa's wide variety of music and dance has affected the world as well.

       Africa is a continent of splendor and natural riches. The existence of its solemn issues of poverty, famine and war has overshadowed its greatness and goodness. We should all see Africa as the great continent that is: a land of treasure, a house of blessings, a place of glory, and a sweet home to many.

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The Beauty of Africa

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