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Schools should take students abroad.  Studying abroad is an amazing benefit for students.  Studying abroad is when students are able to travel to certain parts of the world to learn the language and the culture of the area.  It is an amazing opportunity that students cannot miss.  Parents cannot afford to have their whole family to go to another country and studying abroad can help students travel for free sometimes.  This can help students to become open minded to new perspectives of the world while teaching them the current events at the country.

Most colleges have study abroad programs for their students.  Students will have an advantage if they studied abroad during high school because they are learning another language.  Even though high schools teach languages such as Spanish, Latin and Italian, it is not the same when a student is in Korea learning its culture and language.  This is an advantage during high school because colleges prefer bilingual students and this is beneficial for one’s future.  For instance, this can give people a better chance employment because it is better to know multiple languages to communicate with different customers.  Studying abroad can help you make friends for all of the world.  The student will be exposed to a different environment, with an unfamiliar teacher and have to learn how to adapt.  Lastly studying abroad in high school can help the student find themselves and help them become independent.

Hello! One of my hobbies is to craft.  I will be attending the College of Mount St. Vincent.  I want to become a dentist.

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