Dead People You Should Know: Leonardo DaVinci

Leonardo da Vinci is still considered today as one of the greatest polymath geniuses of all time.   Born on April 15, 1452 in the Republic of Florence da Vinci is still considered the face of the Renaissance man.  During Italy`s feudal period of the Papal states, da Vinci`s advanced thinking and engineering helped lead to major technological and artistic advancements.  One of da Vinci`s most well known projects is the Mona Lisa.  He is also known for his very famous painting of The Last Supper.  Da Vinci was so talented he was able to draw a detailed picture of himself (shown below) with his left hand(he is right handed)! Leonardo da Vinci is also known for his advanced technological advancements such as the first tank, the flying machine, the helicopter, the first ever auto-mobile, and the first robot.  Leonardo da Vinci is also known for his advanced mathematics and his detailed drawings of the human anatomy which greatly influenced the famous medical book Grey`s anatomy.  Leonardo da Vinci continues to flabbergast historians to this day over his advanced mathematical and technological advancements which has greatly influenced many scientific and artistic feats to this day. 

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