Chris and Gina’s Cafe

Greeting customers with a warm and welcoming feeling Chris And Gina’s Cafe serves an all American lunch and dinner. With breakfast on Sundays.  The Cafe is owned by Chris Walsh and Gina Alfano.  

Walsh and Alfano opened the cafe this past August recently reaching their four- month mark. The two previously worked together at Mt. Haven,  which recently closed. They explained how they work well together and saw this business as a great opportunity.

   Both having a lot of experience in the restaurant business, Alfano has worked in it since she was 13 and Walsh since he was 14. Walsh also attended a culinary institute where he learned how to be a chef.

When Mt. Haven closed, Alfano and Walsh were not sure of their future plans. They had the choice of getting separate jobs or taking a chance with opening the cafe.

“If you do not take a chance you will never know, the only way you can fail is if you do not try,”Alfano said.

A few of the employees at the cafe worked at Mt. Haven too. Alfano explained how it was good to see familiar faces in a new spot.

“We are like a family here; it takes teamwork to be successful. They do not work for us, they work with us,”Alfano said.

The owners explained that making people happy is a major joy in owning a business. Alfano also enjoys being able to put in her own ideas when it comes to the cafe. They also enjoy when the customers become family.  

“I hope that everyone who comes here is happy and enjoys what we have done with the place and the food. We want them to leave happy,”Walsh said.

They intended to make the cafe warm and welcoming and wanted it to feel like a home.    

“We wanted to make it feel like a home since we would be spending a majority of our time here instead of our home.”Alfano said.

Many of the customers come in so often that they become part of their family. They enjoy the delicious food and good service.

Alfano and Walch recommend to check out the Chris and Gina’s Facebook page. The menu, along with the daily lunch and dinner specials are posted there. Also found on the page are the days and hours they are open.    

Junior Kaiya Destefano, an employee at the cafe, said, “Opening the cafe has welcomed warmth and love from customers into our lives. We could not be happier to provide food and a good time to the community.”    

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