A Pentatonix Christmas

Pentatonix released its fantastic Christmas album on Oct. 21.  The album consists of Christmas songs many know and love, but Pentatonix puts their own twist on each song.

 For those who do not know, Pentatonix is a five-person a cappella group who won the Sing-Off in 2011. The Sing-Off was a singing competition, but all the groups competing were a cappella groups, singing without instrumental accompaniment.

The album has 11 songs ranging from church hymns to traditional Christmas songs.

It is truly amazing how they put these songs together with only their voices. They use their voices to also make it sound like instruments are being used. Listening to this album, it sounds as if a choir is singing. Each of their voices is extremely strong and powerful.

My favorite song on the album is “Hallelujah”. It brings me chills listening to it each time. The story behind the song and the way they perform it is amazing. Another one of my favorites is “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.” Their singing is upbeat and puts me in the Christmas spirit. A few songs that I have never heard before but really enjoyed were “Coldest Winter,” “Good to be Bad” and “Up On the Housetop.”  Each song is about some different aspect of Christmas, whether it is love, being bad rather than being good or Santa on the rooftop with the reindeer.

They also include church hymns such as “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Rather than having a slow beat, they put a twist on these songs, incorporating a faster beat and a modern way of singing them.

All together, this album is probably the best Christmas album of the season. There are no substandard songs.They are all high quality Christmas tunes.    



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