Dead People You Should Know: Che Guevara

Che Guevara is an Argentinean who was a military and political strategist during the Cuban Communist Revolution.  To Communists and socialists, Che Guevara was a major revolutionary fighting for a greater cause but to others he was an evil war criminal.  Guevara started out as a young medical student and traveled to different countries in South America.  As he traveled throughout South America he became radicalized after seeing the poor conditions in certain parts of the continent.  Guevara blamed capitalism for the poverty in Latin America witch made him politically active in Guatemala. In Mexico City he met Raul and Fidel Castro and then sailed to Cuba to start a “democratic socialist” revolution.  Once Castro got into power Guevara executed thousands of people in prison who supported capitalism by firing squad and led military campaigns in Cuba to overthrow the republic of Cuba making Fidel Castro a totalitarian communist dictator.  After the Cuban revolution, Guevara traveled to Congo and Bolivia to incite Communist revolutions.  Eventually Guevara was captured and killed by the Bolivian government. 

Hi! I'm JohnAnthony and I love politics. A lot. I also like American History and Government and even more history.  I have a conservative/libertarian view on politics  and changes in our society.

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