Fall Montage

This video was created on Harry S. Truman's campus, during Video Production class.

My name is Marcelino Collo. Typically, I do not enjoy sharing personal details or aspirations I have with a general public. Yet, here I am. I was born on April 2nd, 2001 and I always hated that day because I would always hear the common joke about, "Oh, you're one day off from being a joke." Lol, thanks society. Anyways, I have many interests, in many different areas. I am interested in music, literature, art, science, mathematics, and philosophy (somewhat). Occasionally, I would hear a joke from my friends saying, "If you're not great at anything, you're really mediocre at it." Another reason I dislike doing these is because I feel self-absorbed when talking about myself. In the future, once I graduate, I have no clue on what to study. There's my life, indecisive and confusing.

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