Quarantine Trends


Throughout quarantine, there have been countless quarantine trends that many people have participated in. Numerous apps grew in popularity - Animal crossing, Facetime, Zoom, Tik Tok, and Netflix are only a few examples. A large number of Netflix series were streamed throughout quarantine such as ¨Tiger King¨,¨ Ozark¨,¨ Money Heist¨,¨ All American¨, and ¨Outer Banks¨. ¨Outer Banks¨ inspired many to braid and bead their hair. Hairstyles like dying the two front strands of hair in exotic colors were also popular for a time. Countless people enjoyed wearing tie-dye, vibrant colors, half bleached jeans, and oversized t-shirts.  Many Instagram trends flourished like the ¨until tomorrow¨ trend, the push-up challenge, baking bread, Dalgona coffee (also known as whipped coffee), and Instagram lives were on an uprising. There were numerous trends on Tik Tok such as the ¨Wipe it Down¨ challenge, the ¨Savage Love¨ challenge, ¨Out West¨ challenge, and ¨Go Crazy¨ challenge. People sought to get in shape while doing home workouts by popular YouTube creators like Pamela Reif, Chloe Ting, and Sydney Cummings. Artists enjoyed participating in the art museum challenge. This challenge is when artists recreate famous artworks in real life. For fun, roller skating and skateboarding made a comeback. In the end, countless things have grown in popularity throughout quarantine and many more things continue to grow in popularity.

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