Polish Schools vs. American Schools

Many students think a school is a just a school, but in reality no two schools are the same. I'm from Poland, and schools in my home country are really different. In the United States we have several different class periods with different students, but in Poland we have only four classes a day and we have most of those classes with the same people.

In Poland, classes are organized by the four major core subjects.  For example, class A is math class, class B is geography class, C is science class etc. Another difference is that here in America, we start and finish classes at the same time every day and we have the same schedule every day. In Poland the classes end at different times, but do start every day at the same time. Also here we have different periods every day but again, they are repeated weekly, and are the same every week.

Another major difference is that in America, students have buses.  In Poland there are no school buses so students must walk, take a city bus, drive themselves, catch a ride with friends or beg parents to drive them.

Another interesting difference between American and Polish schools is that in Poland students choose what school they want to go. The school doesn't need to be geographically close to where the student lives. Polish students may select their school as well as the classes they want to take there.  It is much more like American colleges and universities.

Although school systems are different between the United States and Poland, I do find the students are the same!

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