Interviewing Newfield's Freshmen

As the Class of 2022 graduated, the Class of 2026 entered the halls of Newfield High School. I myself, being a freshman last year, remember how big of a transition high school was especially as I was fully virtual throughout 8th grade. I enjoyed my freshman year experience despite having to adjust. There are many new opportunities in high school as well, there is a wide variety of extracurricular activities and sports. 


I had the privilege of interviewing a few freshmen, here is what they said:

  1. Was coming to high school a big transition from middle school? 

Isaiah Vidal - “The transition from middle school to high school was tough as expected, but I adjusted quickly and loved the environment created by fellow peers and teachers.”

Umber Sharma - “Yes, it definitely was. Rules have changed a lot around the school, and students seem to have much more freedom, and also the classes function much differently. You meet a lot more people in high school as well.”


  1. Are you involved in any extracurricular activities or sports? How has that impacted your high school experience so far? 

Isaiah Vidal - “I participated in JV Soccer and also am in the Environmental Club. They are great outlets for creativity and freedom.”

Umber Sharma - “I am involved in soccer and Tri-M. I look forward to robotics and G.O. Soccer has had me really busy the past 3 months, so it’s been very difficult to attend a club meeting, but I am really excited to be a part of these clubs.”


  1. Overall, how has your high school experience been so far? 

Isaiah Vidal - “Overall, so far high school is great! The freedom I am experiencing is something I never expected, and it takes away a lot of stress I would normally have from school.”


Umber Sharma - “My high school experience has been very busy -- a little stressful. Since it’s a big jump from 8th grade to taking honors classes in high school where everything is new, I’m still taking time to adapt. But I’m looking forward to several opportunities and meeting many people this year as well as keeping my grades up by putting in as much effort as I can.”

Section Editor of "Student Voice Column" and liaison for The Quadrangle. 

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