Spring 2021: Keeping Track of COVID Cases and Returning to School

As the second semester of school began on February 1st, students who were attending school fully online were allowed to switch into the hybrid model, and around the same time, dates for students in grades nine, ten, and eleven to return to school four days a week were announced. Being fully virtual remained an option for students, but the hybrid model would no longer be available to them as of March 1st for juniors, March 15th for sophomores, and April 5th for freshmen. This makes it very important to keep track of patterns in COVID-19 cases. A list of total COVID cases throughout the school year and district as a whole can be found on the district website, but for the purposes of this publication, it will be condensed to quarter three Newfield cases.

2/01 - Two cases reported

2/03 - Three cases reported

2/04 - One case reported

2/09 - One case reported

2/12 - One case reported

2/22 - Four cases reported

2/23 - One case reported

2/26 - One case reported

3/01 - One case reported

3/02 - Three cases reported

3/03 - One case reported

3/04 - One case reported

3/10 - One case reported

3/11 - One case reported

3/12 - One case reported

3/15 - One case reported

3/16 - Four cases reported

3/17 - Three cases reported

3/18 - Two cases reported

3/19 - Three cases reported

3/22 - Three cases reported

3/23 - One case reported

3/24 - One case reported


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