National Election Results Days 1-5

Day 1 - Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 -- This year is an election year and the candidates are current President Donald J. Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden. In this election coverage I want to say before I start that I will not be giving my opinion on the elections, and will simply be telling you the facts and theories of this election. First, I have to address this issue: The President of The United States is determined every four years and one person can only be elected for two terms or eight years. The way the US determines is different from other countries. Most countries just elect the person with the popular vote but in the US that is not true. Yes, there is a popular vote -- but it doesn’t mean whoever secures it is going to win the election. An example is in the 2016 Elections. Hillary Clinton had more popular votes but she lost due to a lack of electoral college votes. Electoral college votes are a specific amount of votes a state is given. The highest votes of any state today is Texas with thirty-eight Electoral Votes. However, not all states have thirty-eight or thirty, each state has different electoral college votes. Astate is given the amount of electoral college votes based on how many Senators they have along with how many representatives in its U.S. Congressional Delegation. There are two votes for its senators in the U.S. Senate along with a number of votes equal to the number of its congressional districts.  On Election Day, all states are given an amount of electoral votes. The major population of a state is the majority and if the majority wins, then those are the electoral votes given to that candidate who won there. Right now Former Vice-President Joe Biden is in the lead, with 209 Electoral Votes, and Trump with 118 Electoral Votes. For the Presidency, either candidate needs 270 to win. 


Day 2 -  Wednesday, November 4th 2020 at 12:21 AM -- Biden leads with 223 and Donald Trump has 136 electoral votes. 270 needed to win the election, this has been the most important election in US history, because 161 million people voted this year. 139 million people voted in the 2016 election. To be honest in 2016, the most shocking thing was that Trump won. Hillary did win the popular vote but Trump winning was shocking because in 2000 the Simpsons had predicted that Donald Trump would be the president in 2016. At the end of the Day 2, Nov 4 2020, Biden was in lead with 264 electoral votes and trump had 214 electoral votes. Biden only needs 6 more votes to book the Presidency, while Trump needs 56 votes. 


Day 3 - Thursday, November 5th 2020 -- Nothing has changed. Biden is ahead with 264 and Trump has 214 votes, Biden really only needs Nevada to win. Statistics have begun to show that the mail-in ballots were starting to be counted, and they are expected to favor Biden. Most of Trump’s supporters voted on election day in-person because he told his supporters to try to vote in-person to prevent fraud. 


Day 4 - Friday, November 6th 2020 --  Nothing changed, still Biden is still at 264 and Trump is at 214.


Day 5 - Saturday, November 7th 2020 -- Big jump. Pennsylvania turned blue and gave Biden 284 votes. He has been declared the winner by the Associated Press. Trump was still at 214. Although there are still votes being counted in Georgia and Nevada, both are most likely going to turn blue. No matter who you like more, you should be aware of this moment because this is the first time in US history that there is a female vice-president and a vice president of Asian descent. This is a small step for women but a big leap for womankind. Nevada and Georgia turned blue but this was more big for Georgia since the last time Georgia turned blue was 1992.  Twenty-four years later it leaned Democratic, but Trump wanted a recount by hand. That is currently taking place, while I am writing this. By Nov 11, Biden leads in Georgia with more 14,000 votes than he had last time. This was Election 2020.

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