Mental Health Resources at Temple University

Resources for your Mental Health

By: Promyce Miller

College is a lot of fun! At the same time, it can be pretty stressful. Finding a good balance between school, work, personal and social life can feel overwhelming at times. That's why it's extremely important to take care of your mental health while in college so you can also keep up with your studies. Temple offers lots of great services to help students with their mental health for free! I've picked out a few resources I think you should know about before you come to campus.

  1. Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS) If you wish to speak with a counselor about any issues in your life, this is where you should go. They offer free counseling services for any Temple student and a wide variety of additional services that I'll talk about next. Stop by during walk-in hours where you'll get screened to match you with a counselor. You can make appointments, as necessary, with your counselor from there. Check out their website for more info here.

  2. Resiliency Resource Center (RRC) When you go to TCS, ask about our Resource Center! They have all kinds of different things to do to help with your mental well-being like meditations, aroma and light therapy, games, coloring, and more! It's a great place to go if you need a quick reset after a stressful day or week.

  3. Drop-in Groups (TCS) offers a variety of drop-in groups for students to work on different skills for balancing your school life with your personal life. Each group is 50 minutes long and a part of an eight-week series. They cover topics like anxiety, relationships, goals, and more! These groups are available for students to "drop-in" as often or as little as you like (But they do work better when you go to all of them in a series.)

  4. Disability Resources and Services (DRS) If you have a disability of any kind, you should check out DRS. They will assist you with finding resources and getting accommodations to make your school life a lot easier. Make an appointment to speak with a coordinator or stop by their walk-in hours to discuss what you need to be successful in school. You can find more info on DRS here.

International Blue Cross Student Rec Center (IBC) The IBC is one of three gyms on campus. The best part is … they're all free for Temple students! So if working out is your favorite stress relief then I recommend the IBC. Try their group yoga or meditations to relax or go for Zumba, cycling, pilates, and more to get a bigger workout. Bring some friends along or go by yourself to decompress while working out. Learn more about our campus recreation here. You can find the schedule for our group fitness here.



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