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How to Get involved with Student Activities


Student Activities at Temple? Where do I even begin? Temple offers over 350 clubs and organizations for students to partake in. I can guarantee that there is something for everyone to enjoy because of the range of opportunities and objectives of the clubs. Whether you are sporty, like to be involved in the community, wish to form friendships, or even do art, there is an abundance of options that can meet the needs of students. 

For me personally, I engage myself in three arenas with the organizations I am in which are: community service/outreach, career-driven, and culturally-influenced. I am an African-American woman who loves to be involved with my culture, the formation of my career, but also community service. Here are the clubs/organizations I am involved in:


  • National Council of Negro Women - community outreach and cultural inclusion

  • Pre-Physical Therapy Association - resources for my career 

  • Black Professional Health Associations - resources for my career and cultural inclusion

  • Temple Student Recruitment Team - resources for my career

  • Temple Gospel Ministries - cultural inclusion/religion


There are other fields of play with the organizations on campus, too. If you are interested in playing on a team with a specific sport, Temple has that covered. Club sports are not only very competitive, but also extremely enjoyable. Many of my friends also take part in Greek life, which has many sororities and fraternities who give back to the community but also form a familyhood with their members. Lastly, for all my future politicians and social activists, Temple Student Government allows many members of the student body to be a part of procedures and implications of the university. 

Any type of person can be a part of Temple’s organizations. Whether you are shy, unsure, or not at first really interested- many of the club’s main objectives is to get students closer to their goals and career choices. Even with more serious intent organizations, you can always find a wave of happiness and even form long-lasting friendships in the process. 


Talk to you soon,


Your Owl Ambassador in Love, Jasmine


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