Meal Plans and Food On Campus

Author: Lexis, Owl Ambassador


There is so much food on campus you will never be hungry! To start off, every first-year student living on-campus is required to have a meal plan. Our meal plans are weekly so whichever meal plan you choose (10, 12, etc.) you have that many swipes per week! You can use all of them at our two dining halls, Johnson and Hardwick Dining Hall and Morgan Dining Hall. These are both an all you can eat set up and are open from 8 to 12 a.m. during the week with shorter hours on the weekend. They constantly change their menu so there’s always new and tasty food to eat! If you’re not in the mood to go to the dining hall don’t worry, you can use up to half of your swipes at our equivalency restaurants in our two food courts. One is located on the second floor of Student Center North and the other is located on the first floor of Morgan food court. They have a whole bunch of delicious restaurants like Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Saladworks, Twisted Taco and many more. You can use up to half of your swipes at these equivalency restaurants. So for example if you have 12 swipes a week, you can use all 12 at the dining hall OR you can use six at the dining hall and six at Chick-fil-A. You can spread it out however you would like. I had 12 swipes a week and it worked out perfectly for me. I would recommend starting smaller and then adding on because if you get a large number of swipes a week you can not go down to a lower amount until the semester is over BUT you can always add on so start smaller and add on as you go! We also have our campus currency called Diamond Dollars which you can use at ALL the restaurants around campus, even the ones that don’t take meal swipes. We have many delicious restaurants like Chipotle, Subway, Blaze Pizza and many more! You’re going to be stuffed everyday! Lastly our campus is FULL of food trucks! Unfortunately they do not accept meal swipes. They are cash/card/Venmo only. Some accept diamond dollars so it’ll say so on the truck but other than that it’s specifically cash/card/Venmo. Can’t wait to see you all on campus!

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