So Much to Do, So Much to See!


By: Dominick, Owl Ambassador
Don’t worry; you’re not the only one imagining what it’s like to be on Temple’s campus. With the endless organizations and opportunities at your fingertips. I was there too! But you can’t blame us. I remember walking down Pollet and Liacouras Walk, seeing all 350+ organizations line their information tables up during Welcome Week’s Templefest. Strolling past each one, I quickly looked from afar for the organization’s name to see if it sparked my interest. There were several I approached, I don't know why I was so shy! Everyone was friendly describing what their org did. Everything from a daily napping club to cheesesteak eating club to a rock-climbing club with anything you might think in between. It was surprisingly easy to sign up for a few email lists before returning to my residence hall, eagerly waiting for them to reach out. I even recognized organizations that had chapters in my high school, one being Athletes Helping Athletes, an organization where we help children and young adults with special needs get involved with the school’s athletic department and athletes. It was amazing how many opportunities presented themselves in front of me; all I had to do was take advantage of them! In the business school, they even have an app called Suitable, that shows me all upcoming events happening daily around campus, which I could track by earning points that were attached to a universitywide leaderboard! I hope you are ready for the abundance of new experiences awaiting you as you explore your interests and hobbies!

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