Student Spotlight: Shanell Feliz Pena

This quarter, I have chosen Shanell Feliz Peña as the scholar athlete. Born May 28, 2004, Shanell excels at many different things. She plays volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring, and does all of this while maintaining her high honor 94 GPA.

Shanell started getting into sports when she was younger and  now her life revolves around it. Her parents were always watching sports, and her older sister started playing which inspired her to start. She wanted to feel the passion that everyone had around athletes. She started off with basketball, and later on explored other sports and tried “anything she could physically handle.”

Shanell’s favorite subject in school is social studies. She says she loves learning about the past and that she always feels prepared on what she’s learning about. In Shanell’s free time, she plays the saxophone, piano, and ukulele and does outside leagues for softball. Shanell is also able to speak about 4-5 different languages. Shanell steals the spotlight with her hard work, dedication, and talent.

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