Film Review: 1917

It’s the movie on everybody’s tongue. Everyone is talking about “1917."  This new movie from the director Sam Mendes is a movie masterpiece. But “1917” isn’t just your ordinary movie; it is filmed in what looks like one continuous shot. The techniques used by the director and cast made  the entire movie to seem like one continuous shot.

Like its name suggests, “1917” is a war movie. It is a movie about World War I or “the Great War.” .There are countless war movies produced and released every year. But there are relatively few movies about the first World War. This movie was supposed to be the biggest movie of World War I. It was supposed to do what “Platoon” did for the Vietnam war and what “Saving Private Ryan” did for World War II. It was a  realistic and accurate depiction of the war and all of its horrors.

The movie follows two corporals in the British army, Blake, played by Dean-Charles Chapman and Schofield, played by George MacKay, who are ordered to report to be given a new assignment. Their orders were to stop an attack that is suppose to happen in a few hours. These men were picked because the Blake's brother is in the attack. Over a thousand lives depend on these men. So, the movies tell the story of their journey in the attempt to stop the attack. These men go on a journey of twists and turns. The movie is gripping and will keep you at the edge of your seat from the first minute to the last.

“1917” was a great movie. The continuous shot makes it feel that you are right there with them. When you are with them in the trenches the suspense builds.  You become entrapped in the movie. You care about the characters. And as time kicks down until the attack, the suspense builds. “1917” is a fantastic movie and well deserves the awards that it received. This movie is sensational and truly one to be remembered.

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