Newfield High School's Deck the Halls

Every year, students from all grades and clubs come together during the holiday season to Deck the Halls of Newfield. The month of December is often spent with students and teachers alike staying afterschool to paint intricate murals of holiday scenery on the walls of the school and decorating the hallways with lights, balloons, and streamers in order to spread holiday cheer. Nothing beats walking to class and admiring the work and effort students have put throughout the school. One of the motivations behind all the time spent decorating is winning the school wide competition for the best decorated hallway.

Extracurricular activities like the National Honor Society, the Art Honor Society, each respectable class and other clubs like the Foreign Language club are just some that participate. This year’s winner of the school wide competition was the Art Honor Society, a very popular extracurricular that includes the best artists of Newfield. This year, their theme was Disney characters celebrating the holidays. Their hallway was full of Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorating a Christmas tree and princesses skating on ice. Their win continues a long streak of many years and beautifully showcases the talent within our school.

Despite there only being one winner, the school never fails to look incredible all throughout December. It’s always an amazing thing to see the progress the hallways go through and how everything comes together in the end. The National Honor Society decorated the main lobby by stringing lights, hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree, placing presents underneath the tree, and draping snowflakes along the hallway to create a homey atmosphere as soon as you enter the school. The Foreign Language club created murals of celebrations made throughout the world like the Chinese New Year. Each class created eye catching scenery on the walls of the school and helped to create a celebratory environment. Along with decorating the school, our talented musicians spent time performing carols in the main lobby each morning to start off the day on a good note. While this time of year is often hectic with schedules and work, it’s nice to see everyone come together and make the school look great and spread some holiday cheer.

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