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In April I decided to go to the movies and see what looked to be just a cute romantic movie titled, "After." During the movie, all I could think about was how cliche and unrealistically rushed it felt. I left the movie alone for a while, until recently I decided to read the book that I previously didn’t know was out before the movie. Little did I know that I would become obsessed and fall undeniably in love with it. After not reading an unassigned book in years, I finished the 600 page book After by Anna Todd in a matter of two days. I used every available minute I had to even just get one chapter in. I hadn’t even been on my phone. The book was outstanding, which is the least to say. It differs so much from the movie that I’m disappointed I didn’t read the book beforehand. Unlike movies, books are able to really dig deep into a characters thoughts and I LOVED that about this book. 

  Tessa Young, a semi-perfect college freshman, had her whole life planned for her until she met dark and mysterious Hardin Scott, who took her on a completely other path. In the movie, all you see is just the dialogue and the scenes of whats going on, but in books you can really read their minds and their thoughts and it makes you feel so much more connected with the characters. I loved it so much. The book was unpredictable and took its time with everything, unlike the movie. The book had me wanting more every time I had to take a break from reading. There were so many surprises and the way she really got into the characters head was amazing and it’s something that couldn’t have happened in the movie. In my opinion the film was rushed. The book has so many eventful things that you could never fit in two hours or less. You’d need so much more time to see the development of the two characters' love story. They rushed everything from the start and left out some of the most important and amazing parts from the book. 

  One part I am most shocked by is the ending..which I will not give away. The concept of both the movie and book endings especially is drastic.  In the film the ending is really not that deep.  The book version is what I think they should’ve went with.  The book's version had so much more flavor and spice to it, and that's why I loved the book. It really showed us he loved her in the end and had so much more impact on her. I really had wished they used the books ending in the movie instead of changing it. Although its the same concept, there are so many differences that could have made the movie so much better. I recommend you to please read this book. It honestly changed my view of reading. There are 4 books after this one that continue the story, and I am planning on getting them as soon as I can. I have never been so eager to read a book until now. If you had told me a week ago that a simple book had taken over my whole social life and time, I would just say you’re crazy. Trust me when I say it’s a 10/10 book, that I HIGHLY recommend. 

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