EHTHS Fall Pep Rally

On September 20th,  Egg Harbor Township High School's staff and students flooded the football stadium and enjoyed performances and skits to get excited for the upcoming school year the annual fall pep rally. Egg Harbor Township’s Renaissance Club put together an event in collaboration with the EHTHS sports teams, color guard, and band to perform and entertain the students and staff to get them ready for the upcoming school year. 

The EHTHS Renaissance Club organized team and clubs  and each performed a routine to showcase their amazing talents and fun dances to entertain the staff and students. These pep rallies promote positivity in the school environment and help spread school spirit.  

Speaking of school spirit, the clubs and teams that performed for the staff and students competed for the title of the spirit stick. The team or club performance that shows the most school spirit and is the most enjoyable wins the title. 

"My favorite part about the fall pep rally was being able to compare it to the past ones and seeing them progress and the routines change over time, and I’m looking forward to ending the year with a bang!" senior PJ Todd  said. 

The pep rally also promotes the variety of opportunities we have to offer!

 "My favorite part about my first EHT pep rally was the music. I’m excited for the many opportunities I have for our music (theater, thespians, choir) and I’m kinda impressed by our schools music programs, " freshman Jonathan Castro said. 

 The students of EHTHS are all pumped up and excited for our 2020 school year! There was an amazing turnout with the performances and entertainment from the Renaissance Club and other activities. Egg Harbor Township High School is looking to have a fantastic 2020 school year!

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