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According to an article in USA Today, twenty children as well as six teachers were killed due to a mass shooting on December 14,  2012.The shooter, Adam Lanza who believed to have some kind of disorder, drove approximately five miles to arrive at Sandy Hook Elementary School and came armed with multiple weapons.  But, just minutes before, it was said that he had shot his own mother, Nancy Lanza, in the head before taking the car and leaving. Back at the school, students began to cry and teachers and staff members had to remain calm for their safety and to understand what was going on. Adam had open fired multiple gunshots and killed fourteen children in one class and six in the other. In addition to the killings, he had taken the gun and shot himself in the head.  To this day, there is no evidence on why Adam Lanza has chosen that school to go to. Due to this massacre, it will be one unforgettable moment and it will mark the loss of children’s innocence. 

The incident of the mass shooting lead a national nonprofit organization called the “Sandy Hook Promise”. It’s a website to raise awareness to teachers, parents, and students about taking precautions or even prevention by knowing the signs from a school shooting.  The organization has also made ads demonstrating the warning signs of a school shooter.  

Being a student at the Egg Harbor Township High School, many have thought about the safety of this school. 

“My job is to find the threat and put a stop to it. My training is to stop many people from getting hurt and call for backup to get people out or to attend the injured. Our security is well put together. We always check everything that happens along the school. I am here to save your lives,”  officer John Defazio from the Egg Harbor Township High School stated.

“It’s a scary thought that it could happen at any moment but I would definitely feel safe at this school. With the many securities and our methods to be safe if alone or in the classroom, I know I can make it out alive. I would also call 911 to report the problem and call my parents. It’s sad to say that no matter what, you never know what can happen.” Jessica M. a student at the Egg Harbor Township High School said. 

We as citizens need to watch out for the signs: if you see something say something which not only applies to this situation but many others. With this well run security, the students should be confident about their safety being top priority. 

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