Keep Calm and Ask Me! Advice Column

Question: How should I manage AP classes and extracurricular activities?

Answer: I think with a lot of extra activities you need to really know how to manage your time. You should plan your time and your activities, you need to be very organized. If you're going to have an organized plan, you can manage anything!

Question: How can you get over a relationship?

Answer: I think to get over a relationship it’s quite simply, to move on. You need to think that maybe you are not in this relationship anymore because this boy wasn’t right for you, and that in time you probably meet someone who is right for you. You need to remember you are independent and that you still can meet someone you’ll really like, and someone who would be good, nice, and right for you.

Question: Everyone around me has a girlfriend or a boyfriend and I am all alone! Should I feel bad or just wait?

Answer: I think you should wait until you really like someone or if you really want to be in the relationship. Don’t be in the relationship only because a lot of people are. You should be in the relationship when you are ready, and when you meet someone you really like. If you are not ready or you don’t want to be in the relationship you don’t need to be in one. You are independent, and you should wait until you are ready.

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