Newfield Decks the Halls

Throughout December, students decked the halls with beautiful artwork and decorations. Decorating the halls for the holidays is one of Newfield’s traditions. Many clubs such as G.O., National Honor Society, and LOTE Honor Society spent countless hours doing so. With every wall decorated comes a theme. For instance, the freshman class did Charlie Brown, senior class did Rudolph and the Misfit Toys, and the Art Honor Society did Alice in Winter Wonderland. As students walked the school hallways, they were attentive and appreciative of the hard work their peers put into their work. According to senior Jenifer Mzobe, “Holiday decorating was a lot of work and despite it being very exhausting, seeing the final piece was worth all the time and hard work put into it.” After weeks of hallway decorating, the Newfield faculty voted for who they thought had the best wall. It was not a surprise that the National Art Honor Society won with their beautiful details and consistent artwork. Overall, the students at Newfield work very hard and this is just one of the many examples that prove this to be true.

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