38th Annual POPS Concert at Newfield High School

On Wednesday, February 13th, the 38th annual “POPS” Concert took place in the Newfield High School Auditorium. This event brought together every single musician among all grades in every ensemble within the school to create a night of performances filled with familiar songs to present deserving seniors who have worked hard throughout their music careers in the high school with scholarships, and to also raise money so the Friends of Music can continue to present these scholarships next school year. The program that night consisted of the Combined Chorus, led by Ms. Ashleigh Hanh, the Combined Philharmonic and Concert Orchestras, led by Mrs. Cynthia Deluca, and the Combined Wind Ensemble, Symphonic and Concert Bands, led by Dr. Harold Goldstein and Mr. Austin Thomas. The Combined Chorus kicked off the concert with an amazing rendition of a “Tribute to Queen” following the amazing success that the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” had gained late last year, and ended their program with a performance of “This is Me” from the hit movie “The Greatest Showman” with soloists Morgan Antonawich and Kathleen Flaccomio. Next, the Philharmonic Honors Orchestra came on stage by themselves to perform a medley of songs from the “Bond, James Bond” score that include hits such as the ‘The James Bond Theme’ and ‘Live and Let Die’. After they performed by themselves, the Concert Orchestra joined them on stage to perform arrangements of “The Incredibles” and “Aladdin” since the anticipated live action film will be coming out later this year. Lastly, the Wind Ensemble first came on stage to perform an arrangement of songs from the Broadway hit “Phantom of the Opera”, and then they got to go into New York City the day after and see the show live on Broadway. After their performance, the Symphonic and Concert Bands joined them on stage to perform three more songs, “The Imperial March from Star Wars: Episode V”, “West Side Story Medley”, and “Selections from Mary Poppins”. It was a very fun and eventful night for both the audience and the members who participated in putting together this amazing performance. We also want to thank the Friends of Music Committee for making this event so special and for allowing some dedicated seniors to be recognized for their talent and hard work in the music department throughout the last four years.

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