Put your bias aside, Tom Wilson’s a great hockey player

Tom Wilson a right winger for the Washington Capitals and a 2018 Stanley Cup Champion is a very talented hockey player. He scores goals, gets assists and makes beautiful plays but he also gets a lot of penalties because he's aggressive. He's gotten 255 penalties only in the regular season and 20% of those have been majors. He has been in the box for 806 minutes total which includes 11 misconducts and a match penalty. Wilson has only been suspended 4 times in his career but all his suspensions added up it equals out to 105 games suspended including pre-season and has only been fined once. Many people who aren't Washington fans think of him a dirty player because of his aggressive hits. I do not think Tom Wilson is a dirty player he does the exact same things as Sidney Crosby and Crosby does not get suspended or fined because he sucks up to the referees and is one of the leaders in the NHL. Tom Wilson just likes to be physical and I think the referees are always hunting for him to give him a penalty

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