Christmas Traditions

Christmas music is playing, your family is gathered around the tree, gifts are being exchanged and holiday spirits fill the air. Its Christmas morning! Christmas is my favorite holiday and it is something I look forward to every year.  Giving is much better than receiving and the excitement of seeing someone you love, enjoy a present you got them is a feeling like no other.  Holiday traditions are a big deal in my family and they are all traditions I will carry on with me throughout my life when I have a family of my own.  Certain traditions my family does is going to cut down our own tree and bringing it home. Every year we rotate who gets to pick the tree and it just so happens that this year was my turn.  After picking the tree we go home and wrap the tree in as many lights as possible, add the ornaments and then top it with a star. Along with this we always pick a night to make a lot of Christmas cookies, all from scratch! We make the dough, the icing and then we bake them. This is a lot of fun and something Ive been doing since i was a little girl. Tons of cookie cut outs spread through the table, sugar cookies, gingerbread and much more. Even if they don't always come out the prettiest, its the taste that counts! There are so many fun activities the month of December is filled with, Decorating your house inside and outside, making gingerbread houses, watching Christmas movies and so much more! Not everyone celebrates the holiday around the world, but traditions can vary throughout the whole world. Every city, country and place has different traditions and certain attractions to make the holiday fun. In New York City every year at Rockefeller Center there is the big tree lighting. This attracts tons of people to the area and is a great place to gather with family, friends and so much more. You can ice skate in the center, enjoy a nice dinner, watch the Macy's light show or go see the Radio City Rockettes Live all with the huge lit tree in your view.  There is so much you can do around this time of year and these are some of my favorite. 

Whats your Holiday traditions?

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