Acquainted with the night by Robert Frost

I've always been a huge fan of poetry.  Growing up I would always want to get new poetry even if I had trouble reading it.  One poem that is a personal favorite of mine is Acquainted with the Night by Robert Frost.  Acquainted with the Night is a classic poem about an unknown speaker sharing what he has come across in the night and different things he sees in them.  This poem is well known for being bleak and having a lonely setting, with the speaker being not necessarily “friends” with the night but just acquainted with it.  This portrays how the unknown speaker of the poem knows the night, but not well enough to be completely comfortable and not feel detached.  The reason this poem is a favorite of mine is because of how much emotion is in the poem even though when first reading it, it may not be clear.  Frost is such a great author that he is able to put in so much symbolism in just a short poem, and express his own feelings through the unknown speaker of the poem.  I feel that poetry is a great, unique, way of people being able to express their emotions through literature. 

What's YOUR favorite  poem??

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