Polish Christmas

Some people believe that everyone celebrates the same holidays as those in the United States, but that is not always true. Specifically, I am from Poland and we celebrate different holidays.

While Christmas is a Christian holiday, some Christians celebrate it in culturally different ways.  In Poland, we don't have just one day of Christmas. On December 24th, Poles have a special dinner called  Wigilia. So December 25th is officially the first day of Christmas and December 26th is second day of Christmas. Some other countries also celebrate Christmas for more than one day.

Also, there is Polish holiday called “Kids Day” on June 1st on which kids get presents simply for being a kid.  It is great!

People in Poland also celebrate “Name Day.” Printed in every local calendar, these name days represent the feast days of Catholic saints. Every day of the year is assigned two saints – one male, one female – and chances are if you share a name with a saint (as almost all Poles do), you too have a name day.  Polish people get small gifts on their Name Day.

On May 1st Polish people celebrate Work Day, a day in which citizens are encouraged to relax, and not work.  What a great holiday!

Those are some holidays people in Poland celebrate. 

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